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Die Drei Sonnen von Cixin Liu

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„We don’t know much about aliens, but we know about humans. If you look at history, contact between humans and less intelligent organisms have often been disastrous from their point of view, and encounters between civilizations with advanced versus primitive technologies have gone badly for the less advanced. A civilization reading one of our messages could be billions of years …

The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led The Revels There

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Manche Bücher sind magisch. Sie umgarnen, schmücken, flüstern und stubsen bis zum Ende. Gleich auf den ersten zwei Seiten dieses wundervollen Buches war klar worauf man sich einlässt: „Now, secrets are delicate things. They can fill you up with sweetness and leave you like a cat who has found a particularly fat sparrow to eat and did not get clawed …