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Interview mit Natas Loves You

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Die Band Natas Loves You kam von überall her, machte sehr angenehme und gut gelaunte Pop Musik und hat sich dann 2015 aufgelöst. Bummer. Das Interview fand zu Gunsten ihres Albums „The 8th Continent“ statt und war ein kleines, sehr unterhaltsames Fest.

Aufmerksame Leser*innen wissen, dass das Interview schon mal auf dieser Seite geposted wurde. Damals war das Interview via Soundcloud hörbar und das ist schon lange nicht mehr möglich. Ich habe damals ein paar zitate aus dem Interview transkribiert und die will ich euch nicht vorenthalten.

Über den Wunsch nach einfacheren Texten und Themen:

„The fact that we were young guys and we’re past adolescence and now we’re trying to be men. As young musicians it’s kind of hard to find a balance for other things in your life and I think that’s why we are talking about these things all of a sudden, because we are like okay how does this work? and I think we are realising the image that people have of you and I think all of these things are starting to make us come back to more simple things.“

Über das Album „The 8th Continent“:

„We came up with this concept three or four years ago and I think we HAD to talk about this in our lives, we had to. We were young teenagers becoming men who just came into one of the biggest cities in the world. And we just needed to talk about how we felt you know? We felt like things were different and I think we had to talk about these realisations and these issues that were attacking us as we came out of adolescence and now we have talked about it. We don’t need to do that again and I think our vision of songwriting and music in general has evolved a little bit and now, if I wanna do a song about a girl, well I’ll do a song about a girl.“

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Interview mit Natas Loves You

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