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David ist einer von den Guten. Er macht eine Menge coole Sachen. Er macht coolste Mukke, bucht Shows und hat einen Blog über Wasser. Das ist die Zukunft des Wasser Journalismus!

Hier ist das Interview und dahinter ein Transkript.

Ein Interview:

David: My Name is David. I play Bass and sing in Gulfer. And I also organize concerts in Montreal and run a small record label and have a blog about bottled water.

Lele: Where you I think interview other people who are in bands about their favorite water drinking styles and kinds of water the like to drink and all that stuff.

David: Yeah, it started out as a joke. I woke up one morning from a dream where I started this blog and immediately thought it would be a good idea. Maybe not seriously, but if nothing else just to get some laughs. And that day I tweeted about it and I got a lot of really good response. And within the first day I already had my first interview with Phil from Caspian. And I posted it all in one day. I came up with the idea, found and interview did it, posted it, all within like six hours. So I really love the informal nature of the blog. Just kinda not thinking about it too much, just doing and not taking it too seriously. I think that’s a good approach.

Lele: What was the first bottled water you actually remember for the way it was? That made you go „This is not just water water, but this is something you want to get again.“

David: I think one of the most remarkable waters to me is Voss water.

Lele: The round glass bottle right?

David: It seemed like way fancier than you know the normal bottles of water you get. It was always really expensive and you’d only find it in fancy places and maybe that influenced the way I tasted it. It seemed fancy so it tasted fancy for some reason. That was probably a really remarkable one. The one I am always talking about, that isn’t available in Montreal, but is very popular in the North-East of the United States is Poland Spring and I think that was the bottle of water that really tasted considerably different and considerably better and was exceptional to me. That was the one that made realize that there are certain bottles of water that I love and certain ones that I hate. From there I sort of started expending my palette.

Lele: What do you look for in a water. What is a good water?

David: First and foremost, a thing I try to avoid, and it is absolutely ridiculous that this would even exist, but this is the world we live in. Waters with salt in them, like Dasani. So I was on tour with another band earlier this year and we were driving and bought a case of Dasani because I think that was the only thing available at the gas station. And we are sitting in the van and drinking it and noticing that we are getting thirstier and that our palettes are becoming really dry and we look at the bottle and there is a lot of sodium in it. It was just this really weird thought process where we realized that we are drinking water to hydrate ourselves but we were getting dehydrated. That really freaked me out, especially because we had no other options available at the moment. So I try to avoid salt in water, for sure. We were in Ireland I believe and I tasted water that tasted like a swimming pool, like chlorine, so I definitely want to avoid any chlorinated waters. there is a brand that’s unfortunately very common called Nestlé Water. And that is just absolutely disgusting, it tastes very bitter to me. So in short it is more about what I am trying to avoid, than what I am seeking out. But I think the waters that I like, it is hard to explain why I like them or what about them I like. But it is just taste. It’s subjective taste. I just know that I like them But I can’t really explain why.

Lele: Personally I don’t know. I am a tap water person. Which is another thing that I thought about. You said that you bought a cask of water for a tour. It makes sense for driving.

David: Especially in a lot of parts of the states the tap water is actually not good to drink. So I think that’s when it becomes really important. But in Montreal specifically, we are really lucky because the tap water tastes great. I definitely have no problem drinking it. It is more just when traveling or when in other places, I guess that’s when the idea of bottled water becomes more of a necessity than just a treat or a luxury.

Lele: So I brought you one. It is called „Adelholzener“. Comes with or without bubbles.

David: I have noticed that there is a medium carbonation in Germany. I think it is great that people are afforded the opportunity to choose. It is really important to have the full spectrum of opportunities when it comes to water. So I applaud the Germany water producers for such a great variety of choices.

Lele: What is your expert opinion on this fine example?

David: I’ll have one more sip and then I’ll do my best to come up with some pretentious and unknowing, horrible descriptions.

Lele: You did smell it!

David: Yes I did. It did not smell like anything. I felt very foolish. But you know, in my quest to become an amateur water somelier I feel like I need to do these ridiculous things to get the full experience. I’ll have one more sip. I do notice a taste right of the bat. Which is important, because taste is really indicative. Well there are some waters that are a little tasteless. Sort of very bland and in the middle of the spectrum. And when they do have a taste it is often really bad or really good. This one is really good. It is really refreshing, but beyond that it is kind of hard to describe. I don’t know what else to say. I wish I could comment on the mineral content or some other technical aspect of it.

Lele: There are mountains on it.

David: The bottle is very beautiful. Is it swiss? Is it sources in Germany?

Lele: I don’t know. It is named after the place it comes from. It says that it comes from the Alps. But I would write that on my water as well. Yeah. So you should drink it by August 17. That’s long gone.

David: But there is no year?

Lele: That’s true. I think that is the bottling date. No worries. Sparkling water does have an expiration date I think. There are a lot of glass bottles that have expiration dates, which is weird for water.

David: I think I drank en expired Mate today.

Lele: How was that?

David: It was bad. One of the things that was concerning was that it wasn’t carbonated at all, it was flat and kind of gross. I was really looking forward to it, because it was the Club Mate Cola which a lot of people don’t like but I have fond memories of it from last time. It was really disappointing. But that only means I’ll try to find it again and hopefully have a better experience. But I have been looking for about a week now. I finally found the last bottle ate the back of a fridge at this store. And it was old and you could tell the label was sort of dissolving. I only checked the expiration date after. That was a pretty bad experience, but I am not giving up on Mate yet. I am not.

Lele: Have you tried the red one?

David: I hated it. It tastes like medicine. It was horrible. Don’t sell that.

Lele: Have you had the christmas one?

David: No, but where do I get that?

Lele: I think they put cinnamon in it

David: Wow, I can get behind that. I would also like to try the Ice Tea one. I don’t remember what that one was like. I have a lot of Mate catching up to do in the next few days. I have been so energized. Normally I don’t talk this excitedly.

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